Order DISH Network by Phone

Order DISH by phone
To order DISH Network by phone simply dial the toll free phone number of 888-757-6535.

The telephone number to order DISH Network by phone is 888-757-6535. You can call this toll free sales customer service phone number anytime 24/7 to order a new service installation for DISH Network. It is really that simple.

Feel free to use the interactive map below to find a local authorized DISH retailer in your local area. All to make your DISH Network ordering experience as simple and convenient as possible.

Call the Toll Free Phone Number Shown Above to Order DISH by Phone

No matter where you need new service for DISH: Apartments – Condos – Other PropertiesDISH makes residents happy by giving them DISH as an option. We can install without satellite antennas on every balcony.

What property types qualify as Apartments – Condos – Other Properties?
Hospitality and more!
DISH creates affordable custom solutions to meet your unique property needs. Our trained business specialists will work with you to customize the perfect solution for your property.

Just pick up your phone and dial the toll free phone number listed above to order your new service with DISH Network. With DISH configuration, installation and support is made easy. The minute you place your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Please check to make sure all your information is correct. Call now to discuss your programming preferences for your new satellite TV home entertainment system and service provided by DISH. YOu can order DISH today and have your service set up as early as today subject to availability. Don’t worry about what time it is no matter where you are in the United States. Representatives are standing by 24/7 to help with making that all important programming selection with your order for new service with DISH Network.

The telephone number you need to set up new TV service from DISH or DIRECTV.