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A toll free telephone number for new DISH Network service in NYC is 866-514-6223. Existing NY DISH Customers can call 800-333-3474 regarding servicing their current DISH accounts.

DISH New York City Phone Number

DISH Network New York City Telephone Number – 866-514-6223

DISH New York Phone Number
A toll free phone number to order new service with DISH in New York City is 866-514-6223. Existing DISH Customer Service: 800-333-3474

A toll free phone number to subscribe to new DISH Network service in New York City and the surrounding areas is 866-514-6223. Current DISH Customers should call the toll free phone number of 800-333-3474 to service their existing DISH Network account(s).

Serving all of the following boroughs of New York City with DISH Network service:

1. Manhattan, 2. Brooklyn, 3. Queens 4. The Bronx 5. Staten Island

In New York city there are tons of different television network providers. That is part of why the DISH Network offers so much to their area. For the city of New York the DISH Network provides the best internet connection, the largest number of premium channels, and they even have home phone services. They are stocked with the best smart DVR devices in the industry. The Hopper2 and the Hopper3 are considered to be the front runners in technology this year and give the most options and features. It converts any television into a smart TV with all of the greatest applications and programming you would normally have to pay tons for. It comes at a mere fraction of the cost of a smart TV. You can even sync the DVR up with Netflix. The Universal Search function allows you to sync Netflix to your DVR and browse through all of their titles in the same place as your DISH programs. Listen to music on their music channels, radio applications such as Pandora, or even through YouTube. The Hopper3 can record up to sixteen channels at once so you will never have that experience of having nothing to watch. This year high definition (HD) televisions have taken leaps in technology and DISH has more than kept up with it. They offer the new 4k ultra HD. The Hopper can hold hundreds of hours of programming for you so your viewing opens will never feel limited. If you are a fan of college sports then the DISH Network is the network for you. They have the most coverage of college sports out of any network and have channels exclusive to their company. Of course they have always had the same popular sports channels as other networks including all the best pay per view options. They have the highest rated customer service and a trained professional will help along every step of the way. You can even start out by checking out the live chat function online. When you are ready to order service either call their 1-800 number, start your order online, or find one of their many locations near you.

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