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A toll free phone number to establish new service in Miami is 888-382-6543 with DISH Network Sales. Existing DISH Customers in the South Florida and/or Miami area should call 800-333-3474 regarding their current DISH Network accounts.

DISH Miami FL Phone Number

DISH Network Miami Telephone Number – 888-382-6543

DISH Miami Phone Number
To call DISH Network for new service in the Miami area, call 888-382-6543 or tap the graphic above. Current DISH Customers should call 800-333-3474.

A toll free phone number for new service with DISH Network in Miami is 888-382-6543. Current Customers of DISH in South Florida and/or the Miami area should call 800-333-3474 to service their current DISH account(s).

When it comes to the state of Florida the options for internet and television are numerous. No other network offers as much to the Miami area than the DISH Network. The DISH has the fastest internet connections so you can game and stream shows on your mobile devices and PCs at the industries top speeds. They are also the satellite television network when it comes to high definition (HD) television. DISH offers the largest variety of HD channels with over 200. They also offer the industries highest resolution with the ultra 4k HD. The network stocks the latest in smart DVR devices with their Hopper2 and Hopper3. With up to 2TBs of hard drive memory you can record hundreds of hours of your favorite programs. Record on up to sixteen channels at once while watching live TV. Take your favorite shows with you with the option to access your DISH Network service anywhere. You can use their services on any mobile device. Download the desired features ahead of time for seamless streams or access to your content without an internet connection. The smart DVR system converts your TV into a smart TV allowing you to use the same programs and the same applications as you would with a smart TV or computer. Use it for applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and the radio application Pandora. If you enjoy music the DISH also offers tons of premium music channels. They offer the biggest variety when it comes to international shows offering up to twenty nine languages. There are five different Hispanic channel packages so the DISH Network has all the most popular Latino shows. If you are into sports then you are going to love their exclusive DISH only channels. They also have the same pay per view games and channels that other networks feature. Enjoy nearly limitless options when it comes to news and watch a large variety of regional, national, and international news sources. Considering they have been the premier provider of satellite television since the 1980s it isn’t surprising that they are still around. When you provide the best quality for that long the results speak for themselves.