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A toll free telephone number to use for ordering new DISH Network service in the Houston, Texas area is 855-318-0572. Existing Texas DISH customers should call DISH at 800-333-3474 in regards to their current DISH account(s).

DISH Houston Phone Number

DISH Network Houston Telephone Number – 855-318-0572

DISH Houston Phone Number
A toll free phone number for new service with DISH in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas is 855-318-0572. Existing DISH Customers should call 800-333-3474 for Customer Service.

A toll free phone number to establish and/or order new service for DISH Network in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area is 855-318-0572. Current Texas DISH Customers should call 800-333-3474 in order to serve their existing accounts as the previous number of 800-333-3474 for folks looking to establish new service with DISH Network only.

The state of Texas is covered by the best premium satellite network. For Houston there is no better service than the DISH Network. They are fully stocked with the industry leading smart DVR systems the Hopper2 and Hopper3. The smart DVRs convert your television into a smart TV. It not only allows you to view up to 4k high definition (HD) but also allows you to use programs and applications like a smart TV but at a fraction of the cost. The Hoppers come with up to 2TBs of hard drive memory for hundreds of hours of recorded viewing material. The Hoppers can be synced to up to six Joey devices for TVs in every room in the house and recording capabilities to record up to sixteen programs while still viewing live TV. The DISH Network has over two hundred HD channels. The Hopper can use applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and the radio music application Pandora. If you enjoy music you are going to love the long list of premium music channels offered by the DISH Network. They have shows in 29 languages and offer five Hispanic channel packages for the most popular shows. You can sync streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and browse those titles in the same area as your DISH Network features. Take your content anywhere with you on a mobile device. Download before a camping trip and then enjoy content even without an internet connection. If you are a fan of college sports then you are in for a treat. DISH Network has the most coverage of college sports out of any network. They have network exclusive content as well as the same shows and pay per view events as everyone else. They have a huge variety of news offering regional, national, and international stations. They offer the best satellite television and highest internet speeds in the United States. With customer service you always receive the best with the DISH Network. Contact them with their 1-800 number, through their live chat function online, or at a location near you. The DISH Network is happy to serve Houston and the surrounding areas.

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