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A telephone number to purchase new service for DISH Network in Chicago, IL is 855-399-3040. For Customer Service with DISH for Existing DISH Network accounts, call 800-333-3474.

DISH Chicago Phone Number

DISH Network Chicago Telephone Number – 855-399-3040

DISH Chicago Phone Number
For new service with DISH in the Chicago area, simply call 855-399-3040 for new service. Existing DISH Customers residing in the Chicagoland area can call 800-333-3474 for DISH Customer Service.

Chicago is the state of Illinois’s highest populated city. It is no surprise then that they are covered by America’s number one satellite provider The DISH Network. They always work hard to give their customers the highest quality coverage possible but still offer the most competitive pricing. Now they offer far more than just premium television. They offer the highest internet speeds as well. Sure the internet at the industries top speeds with DISH. They have the option to bundle your internet, TV, and home phone for and even higher value. DISH is stocked with the latest and greatest when it comes to their technology. They are stocked with the Hopper2 and the Hopper3 which is the highest level of smart DVR currently available in the US. The new Hopper3 Is capable of adapting your TV into a smart TV. instead of the normal run of the mill DVR system this one allows you to use the same features and applications as you could with a smart TV at a small fraction of the price. All of the applications you would find on a smart TV device you can now use with the connected Hopper3. The DISH Network is the first satellite provider to offer Netflix through their DVR. You can sync up your Netflix to your DISH account and you can look through all of the featured titles through the Universal Search function. The Hopper3 also offers the highest in high definition (HD) resolution quality with the brand new 4k HD. The Hopper is also capable of recording hundreds of hours of programming so you never have to pick and choose what to save. Go with the network with the best services and the best valued prices. They offer the most college sports coverage and even have some channels no other network has. With shows in twenty nine different languages they are easily the most diverse and even offer five different Hispanic bundles. Dish is proud to serve the Chicago area and continues to prove it by providing the best services at competitive prices.