Call DISH Network

Call DISH Network
To call DISH Network simply tap the image above to reach the toll free phone number of 888-986-2870. Existing DISH customers should call the phone number of 855-318-0572 to service their existing accounts.

The phone number to call DISH Network is 888-986-2870. This customer service phone number that is dedicated to the sales section of DISH Network can be reached anytime 24/7 and in all 50 states. Call now to see about setting up new service. You can call for a quote for new service if you have any questions you may have answered concerning obtaining a new home entertainment satellite TV system for the folks at DISH Network.

They, the folks at DISH, have a wide selection of programming and special offers that are available to new subscribers who are looking to obtain new service with DISH at the lowest possible price. No need in coupons or anything of the sort when contacting DISH to get the latest value in new home satellite TV system installation. Your professional DISH Rep. will help you with selecting a programming package that is right for you at he best possible price. Also, you can see about getting your new DISH system installed perhaps as early as today depending on availability. Call now for more information.

Offer Details

Upfront Fees:
Activation and upfront receiver upgrade fees may apply based on credit qualification.

Early Termination Fee
Early termination fee of $20 for each month remaining applies if you cancel early.

2-Year TV Price Lock offers require enrollment in eAutopay.

$49.99 TV Price Guarantee includes:
America’s Top 120 Plus and equipment for 1 TV. Available upgrades: $7/mo. for each additional TV (receivers with additional functionality may be $10-$15); $64.99/mo for America’s Top 200; $74.99/mo for America’s Top 250.

Call DISH Network by simply dialing the toll free phone number that is listed above to get the complete details.

The telephone number you need to set up new TV service from DISH or DIRECTV.